Dogs need people and people need dogs!

All About Dogs

All About Dogs

Meet Lulu the pet-therapy dog!

The way we love dogs and the way they love us back.

All About Dogs brings MVLE core members with intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) and professional performers to the stage spring of 2018. This mixed-ability casting allows everyone to perform at their peak. To create this year’s show, director Margot Greenlee is inviting dog care professionals to join the rehearsal process. Cast members are interviewing a veterinarian, a dog groomer, a therapy dog trainer, an agility dog trainer, an animal shelter volunteer, and a police canine. These interviews inform the dances, songs and short scenes that make up All About Dogs. The performance highlights the way people with disabilities may be well-suited for dog care professions.

Cast member JJ Johnson

JJ Johnson stars in All About Dogs!

Tour plans include the Fairfax County Schools’ Key Center, the Fort Belvoir Warrior and Family Center, George Mason University’s Hylton Performing Arts Center, and the Sherwood Civic Center. All About Dogs is supported by the Virginia Commission for the Arts, the Arts Council of Fairfax County.

Let’s go back to the Kennedy Center!  

I’m able to lead and feel independent. 

I like to do the beatboxing solo. 

This is the BEST way to be an actor. 

– performers, Mighty Voice Liberation Ensemble

The ability to work independently and collaborate, listen and focus, copy and invent, move and be still, compete and collaborate, these are the skills honed when creating dance performance. Margot’s approach invites this deep engagement. She creates a safe environment that allows everyone to dance to his/her best ability. This new performance project encourages artistic exploration throughout the MVLE community and is a catalyst for new partnerships across the Fairfax County region.