Body Wise Dance

Dance classes and workshops for individuals and groups in healthcare, education and corporate settings that leave participants feeling happier, stronger, smarter, and inspired to get back to life and work.

Caregiver Training | Healthcare Professionals | Family and Therapists | Arts Educators 

Caregiver training, workshops and classes are available for healthcare workers to help patients heal faster and with less pain. Learn simple movement techniques appropriate for healthcare settings with modifications for those with neurocognitive, sensory and physical limitations.

Workshops for Educators | Elementary through College | In-class participatory forums 

Students learn better and retain more when their bodies are involved physically and when lessons include participation. Classes and workshops are available to enhance education curriculums through movement, spoken word, storytelling, theatre, and discussion.

Meeting Facilitation | Retreats | Workshops | Employee Training

Meeting facilitation and enhancement through movement and participation for businesses looking to provide opportunities for employees to feel happier, stronger, smarter, inspired, connected, and excited to get back to work.

Margot’s approach is based on 20 years of experience in community arts engagement as a solo artist and as a professional dancer. Now, nationally recognized as a master teaching artist, she brings her work to a variety of settings to create dances that span age, health, and cultural spectrums.

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Beyond TED Talks > Woman with Sword

My recent NextLOOK residency supported by the University of Maryland's Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center and Joe's Movement Emporium gave me a week in the rehearsal studio with a team of top-notch performers and a chance to synthesize what I've learned as a...

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MVLE Moves!

BodyWise Dance has partnered with MVLE to lead weekly movement arts programming for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. Our dance classes offer participants FUN exercise, personal expression, camaraderie, and creativity. We dance to Michael Jackson,...

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BodyWise Dance programs inspire our residents who have limited physical & cognitive abilities to exercise both their imaginations and bodies . . . they look forward to these classes.

Sandy Douglass, CEO, Forest Hills of DC

People who have quality artistic training while in the hospital get better faster, ask for pain medication less, ask for nursing assistance less, and have a lower case of recidivism.

MET Life report, 2008

“Nonverbal movement exercises open up a whole new realm of communication.”

-Jessica Agneessens, Executive Director, Academy of Conscious Leadership for Whole Foods Market