Group Stretch

Corporate Creativity

MG at WF

Presenting at the Whole Foods Academy for Conscious Leadership. Photo credit Erica Montgomery

Workshops and day-long retreats support innovation, job satisfaction and sustainable growth.

  • Reduce mental and physical fatigue. By stopping to listen to our body, we can pick up on the subtle cues it sends: slow down, breath, think a moment before speaking, etc. While often ignored in the daily rush, this can be the simplest road to personal resiliency. This workshop helps participants access their internal feedback-loop and then reduce tension through simple stretching, breathing and focusing exercises.
  • Collaborate with ease. In this fun, physical workshop, participants move quickly between copying and inventing, making and editing, critiquing and revising. We work in a low-stakes environment so that team members get good at identifying each other’s strengths, trading leadership roles, voicing opinions, relinquishing/exerting control, and evaluating results.
  • 360° Problem-Solving. Using a uniquely kinesthetic approach, team members work together to identify a shared problem, describe it, create a physical picture, and observe it from multiple angles. In the final phase, the team adds small movements to begin to shift the problem from stuck to solved. By noticing all of its component parts and interactions, the problem’s complexity is fully appreciated.
  • Process the day’s events and ideas with simple movement exercises that seal in the learning.

All activities are beginner-friendly, highly enjoyable and specially designed for each client.

Recent clients: Whole Foods Conscious Leadership Academy, Forklift Danceworks